Name Kevyn - Meaning and origin

Name Kevyn - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Originally Anglo-Saxon, Kevyn comes from the Celtic term kwen, translating as "plant".


Belgian cyclist Kevyn Ista, professional ice hockey player Kevyn Adams and French ice hockey player Kevyn Richard.

Among other celebrities named Kevin, Kevyn's variant, are American actor and producer Kevin Chapman, American actor and director Kevin Bacon, American comedian Kevin Corringan, French basketball player Kevin Séraphin, and English footballer Kevin Nolan, basketball player American Kevin Garnett, the American ice hockey player Kevin Stevens ...

Also known as Coemgen, Saint Kevyn aspired to lead a life of hermit. However, his piety and holiness drew him the sympathy of those around him. After gathering many disciples, he founded a monastery near Dublin, around 550. Saint Kevyn died in 618. He is considered the second boss of Ireland, after St. Patrick.

His character :

Kevyn has a dual personality. Sometimes hyperactive, sometimes nonchalant, he is elusive. However, it stands out for its zen unshakeable attitude. He knows how to keep his cool in all circumstances. Thoughtful, Kevyn is objective and realistic in everything he undertakes. In love with the order, Kevyn is both organized and disciplined. Diplomate born, he demonstrates exceptional eloquence and tolerance to any test.


Kevin, Kevin, Kevinn, Keevin, Kewin ...

His party :

The people named Kevyn are honored on June 3rd.

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