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First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Hermance is composed of the words hari and mann which mean respectively "army" and "man".


Daughter of the chef Alain Carro, Hermance Carro takes the reins of the restaurant Castellaras with her husband who happens to be an ace of the kitchen.
Hermance Schaepman has given his name to his law firm with twenty years of experience.
The graphic designer and illustrator Hermance des Robert created the Atelier des Beaux Arts Jambe de Bois in Touraine.
Blessed Hermann is the patron saint of Hermance. Despite his infantile paralysis, he was the author of many writings and the Salve Regina.

His character :

Hermance stands out for the almost contradictory duality of his personality. He happens to behave as a reckless, authoritarian and full of life woman who shines with good humor. Yet, nothing is enough to turn her into a sensitive, vulnerable and withdrawn being who does not feel good about herself. Nevertheless, his sense of morality and belief will remain unbroken over time.
Skillful with her hands, Hermance will excel in the field of craftsmanship, sculpture or cooking. Her sense of discipline and professional rigor will lead her to a successful career in these fields. Although she does not lack determination and courage, her lack of confidence in her could affect her race to success.
Conformist and traditionalist, Hermance will marry soon enough and become a devoted wife and mother.


The first name Hermance has no female derivative.

His party :

Hermance is honored on August 28th.

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