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The Christmas of Simon the Hedgehog

"From a distance, I thought I saw a sea urchin arrive at La Chantilly!" Simon the hedgehog shrugged. Ricardo the kitten liked to make fun of him. There had been so much snow in recent days that the field where they were playing was reminiscent of a huge cream dish.

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  • Simon's snout barely flickered to the surface. And the others, are they coming? asked Simon.- Normally, yes, said Ricardo. But nobody will stay long ... Tonight is Christmas! Here they are!
  • Bruno the lamb, Simonin the rabbit and Leo the badger joined them. They talked for a moment, especially the gifts they dreamed of receiving, and then they decided to move, the cold catching them a bit.- If we made a hawk? said Leo.
  • Since they were not numerous, the game ended very quickly. - If we made a snow rabbit? Simonin suggested. The one they did was beautiful. "If we played leapfrog? Bruno finally proposed. Do not you mind, Simon? "" No, "said the hedgehog in a small voice.
  • As usual, he took a few steps away while his friends started the only game he was forbidden to participate. How could a hedgehog play leapfrog? The only time he had tried, Ricardo, Leo, Bruno and Simon had shouted ouch! ouch! by putting their paws on the quills of his back. Since then, we played without him.

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