Name Jonaël - Meaning of the origin

Name Jonaël - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Jonah is the contraction of two names: "Jonah" and "Joel".

The literal meaning of "Jonah" is "dove". This name is mentioned in the Bible many times and illustrates one of the "twelve little prophets". Legend has it that this man was punished in the belly of a whale after disobeying the Lord. Despite the seniority of this name, it is among the first names rarely used.

"Joel" is a name derived from the Hebrew "Yô'el", contraction of "Yo", diminutive of "Yahweh" and "El". This first name means "Lord God" or "God is God". "Joel" is also one of the twelve prophets mentioned in the Bible.


Jonás Manuel Gutiérrez, Argentine footballer, Jonas Kaufmann, German lyricist, Jonas Jonasson, Swedish writer, Jonas Edward Salk, American biologist, the first to discover the polio vaccine, Joël Robuchon, French chef, Joël Dicker, Swiss writer .

His character :

At first, Jonael has everything a clown that makes his friends laugh. He is the first to make jokes, laugh and have fun. However, behind this little joker hides a hard worker who is determined to achieve his goals.


John, Jonah, Joel, Joel ...

His party :

The Jonaël are parties on December 13th.

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