Name Johan - Meaning and origin

Name Johan - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Of Hebrew origin, Johan is a mixed first name that is used by both boys and girls. It seems that this name is a very old form of "Jean", which at the time was written "Jehan".

The name Johan originates from the Hebrew name "Yehohanan", which means "God is merciful", "God has given grace" or "God forgives".


French footballers Johan Micoud and Dutch Johan Cruijff, the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, better known as Johann Sebastian Bach.

Johan is also one of the characters of "Johan and Pirlouit", a comic strip made by the Belgian director Peyo.

The story has no less than 210 Jean, Christian religious. Saint John the Evangelist, honored on December 27, is one of them. Saint John Capistran is celebrated on October 23, St. John the Baptist is celebrated on June 24, while St. John of God is honored on March 8.

His character :

Affectionate, responsible, but also charismatic, the Johans know how to impress and make themselves respected ... In fact, they hide a sensitive soul and need their entourage to be more sure of them.


Evan, Ewan, Giovanni, Ian, Ioannes, Ivan, Ivano, Jan, Jann, Jano, Janos, Janot, Jehan, Joan, Joao, Johann, John, Yann, Yannick, Yohann, Yvan ...

His party :

December 27th.

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