Maternity wear: our tips for each quarter

Maternity wear: our tips for each quarter

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The more the pregnancy progresses, the more the body is transformed. Needless to say, expanding her wardrobe quickly becomes necessary for the future mother! To choose well according to each quarter, some tips are essential.

Buy pregnancy clothes in the first trimester: is it really necessary?

  • During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the morphology does not change much. The belly rounds very slightly, but it does not require any special clothing adaptations: your usual outfits will often be ample. If, however, you feel slightly cramped but do not want to invest in pregnancy clothes yet, opt for your comfortable basics in which you feel good: fluid pants, tunic or why not, light dress.
  • On the other hand, the breast is already starting to change. The purchase of pregnancy bras is quickly essential. Favor the models with wide straps without reinforcement that hold the chest pleasantly without compressing it. Do not be fooled by the choice of size, do not hesitate to take a cup size above: the goal is, above all, to feel perfectly comfortable.

Which maternity clothes to choose for the second trimester?

  • That's it, your belly rounds and your forms flourish! It's time to enrich your dressing room with some essential maternity clothes.
  • Depending on the season, 2 or 3 pregnancy pants will certainly be needed. To choose them well, make sure they do not tighten your belly: if you feel the slightest discomfort, do not hesitate to select a size above.
  • You can also be seduced by equally important maternity clothes such as leggings, sweaters, pregnancy banners or fitted blouses.

For the third quarter, bet on ultra-comfortable maternity wear

  • It is during the third trimester that the slightest discomforts of pregnancy will be felt the most. Also, it is fundamental to choose pregnancy clothes in which you feel perfectly comfortable.
  • To relieve heavy legs, for example, avoid too tight pants and shorts. In terms of materials, opt for comfortable textiles that let the skin breathe and do not cut off traffic: cotton, cashmere, natural fibers, linen, wool or silk ...
  • Similarly, choose your shoes with the utmost care: exit high heels more than 4 cm, and place comfort! For example, bet on ballerinas with rounded ends, open sandals, lightly rising boots or streetwear tennis shoes.

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