Your primer for a healthy pregnancy

Your primer for a healthy pregnancy

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You are pregnant and you are swimming in happiness! A pregnancy at the top in your body and your head, that's what you dream of! Our advice to help you live this extraordinary period, as serenely as possible!

A ... like self-massage

  • Pamper yourself and massage yourself! Nothing like a daily massage with a fatty substance (ask your practitioner or pharmacist for advice) to relieve the tension of the skin of your breasts and belly that increase during your pregnancy. Thus, you will optimize the production of collagen in the epidermis, a strong asset for the future!

B ... as a drink

  • Good hydration is essential for your health and that of your baby. It goes through both food (vegetables and fruits contribute to the hydration of the body) and drinks! Your best ally: water! Make sure it is always drinkable if you drink it at the tap. Prefer flat waters with sparkling waters (more salty). Drink between 1 liter and 1 liter ½ a day.You can consume fruit juice, preferably fresh and without overdoing it because they contain sugar. Sodas and sugary drinks are to be avoided. No need to remind you that alcohol is to be banned. As for coffee and tea, leave them out! These exciting drinks are not absolutely not recommended during pregnancy. Prefer them soothing infusions!

C ... like hair

  • Still under the effect of the explosion of hormones present in your body, your hair reveals a nature you do not know them! More provided, more brilliant, more resistant ... Take the opportunity to take care of them! Choose a shampoo and a mild detangler. Feed them thoroughly with a hair mask once a week. And give them a good haircut at the hairdresser!

D ... like digestion

  • Under the influence of hormones, during the first trimester and for mechanical reasons during the course of your pregnancy (your baby is growing and taking more and more space in your stomach), your digestive system can be disrupted. Race results: nausea, heartburn, reflux, bloating, constipation ... Frequent and minor injuries that can poison your life. To relieve them, in addition to the treatments that your practitioner will be able to advise you, make sure to eat balanced and light. Make 4 or 5 meals in the day. Limit the consumption of foods that ferment or difficult to digest (cabbage, raw vegetables ...). Do not forget to drink plenty of water and think of waters with a high magnesium content (Hepar type) in case of severe constipation.

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