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A cardboard village, great!

A cardboard village, great!

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All these old boxes of moving or, better, major appliances .... Hop, we get them back and here's a great idea to play during the holidays and even during the winter!

You need :

  • As many large moving boxes as children! And some extra boxes to create roofs, shutters ...
  • Good glue and glue wallpaper (in DIY stores, it does not cost anything and it's perfect for tissue paper, magazine sheets ...)
  • Felt pens, acrylic paint, chalks, stickers, magazine papers and wallpaper ... all the material you can find to decorate each home. No need to buy equipment, recycle old magazines for example.
  • Where to find the boxes? Sometimes they are impeccable and clean on the street. Especially during these holiday periods! Otherwise at Conforama, Ikea or Castorama ...

How to do ?

  • For each carton, completely recess one side or hollow out a door large enough for your child to slip inside.
  • On one of the other sides, draw a round, rectangular or square window ... Evid it with a cutter. You can prepare all the cards in advance, so that your children do not get impatient and that especially he does not touch the cutter!
  • A large cardboard folded in half like a hat and placed at the top will make a nice cottage roof!
  • Every child has to decorate his house. it's part of the fun! Ask them to draw flowers or curtains on the windows, friezes on the door ... Each house will be different, with its style, its colors!
  • This activity can enchant them for a long time. The kids love the huts. You can move, juxtapose the houses side by side. Offer them a small snack in their palace! Happiness !

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