Your baby 0-1 year

A bath lounger, otherwise nothing!

At the time of the baby bath, safety matters! To give the bath, the recliner is a good solution.

What is a bath recliner?

  • A mini-recliner that you position at the bottom of the bathtub and in which you lie down your baby.

What's the point ?

  • To give you greater freedom of movement : you give your toddler bath more easily. He is lying down and you have your hands free. To catch soap, shampoo ... and wash your child without having to hold it. This childcare object is also practical to allow your child to romp in the bath water. The water should not exceed its belly button.

How is it ?

  • Bath recliner exists in plastic (hard-shell shape) or sponge (flexible structure). It is designed for babies under 8 kg, less than 70 cm tall and who have not yet acquired a stable sitting position.
  • There are models with a adjustment at the level of the crotch (rather on the plastic hulls) which grow a little with your baby as well as evolutionary models with a front age (up to 6 kg) to keep your baby lying down, and a backside age (from 6 to 10 kg) in inclined position.
  • There are also bay cushionsnot non-woven fabric on which you can extend or sit your baby.

How much does it cost ?

  • From 10 to 50 € according to the models.

Safia Amor

Good to know

Prepare everything you need to not have to leave your baby eyes. Never leave it unattended. You have to go out of the bathroom? Take him with you, swaddled in a towel.

Good gestures at bath time? A dad gives you the instructions in our images sequence.