A mother anticipates and organizes

A mother anticipates and organizes

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It is not an anti-feminist principle, it is a precautionary principle. Shade. Once the basics are discussed and then asked, they must be respected. You have taken the lead, mastered the risks ... now you have to reap the benefits.

A mother has priorities

Priority means freedom. Some explanations. On weekends, you can not do everything: shopping and cleaning, ironing and dinner on Saturday night (8 guests!) ... Rather, you can, but you can not blow on Sunday night, that when the children are in bed, around 8 pm Great on weekends!

Learn to ventilate. Household, for example. A little each day and not everything for the weekend alone. Otherwise, frustration and dissatisfaction will inevitably be at the rendezvous. Proceed in the mode of "a little every day" will have the added benefit of lightening your mental load ... You know, the weight on your shoulders made up of everything you intend to do, one day surely ...

A mother must know how to get off

To save his skin, it is necessary to know how to win. When we are at the weekend, we do not think about work. And the opposite too, if possible. It may seem extreme, utopian, barbaric ... either, but it is only on this condition that we can hold. No parasitages. It's difficult, it takes a little time, but we get there.

Carole Renucci

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