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A disguise of Little Red Riding Hood

A disguise of Little Red Riding Hood

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Mardi Gras is here with his procession of disguises! Be prepared with this Little Red Riding Hood costume perfect for your little wolf!


  • Non-woven red canvas
  • A red cord 120 x 70 cm
  • A perforator
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The hood

  • Cut a rectangle of 56 x 33 cm in the non-woven, fold it, stick it on the sides. With the drill, make holes in the bottom.

For the cape

Cut out a large rectangle of fabric of 120 x 70 cm. Hole up with the drill. Thread the cord in the cape and in the hood like a lace to assemble them.

For the skirt

Cut a rectangle of 150 x 48 cm. Make holes with the punch on one of the longer sides. Pass the cord through the holes, then pull to skirt the skirt, tie the skirt around the waist. Two solutions: either you put a little skirt underneath, or you make a stitch or glue behind.

Put on the cape with the hood. The trick is played ... all that is missing is a little red sweater, red tights of course, and a small wicker basket on the arm with delicious cakes!

Activity designed by the magazine Little Hands (Milan Press)

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