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A Cotton-Rod? Perfect for the painting workshop!

A Cotton-Rod? Perfect for the painting workshop!

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Your toddler loves to imitate. Invite him to paint with cotton stitches like Paul Klee ... or to cut newspapers to learn Cubism, like Picasso or Juan Gris. He adores ? Two books give you plenty of other ideas to keep your artist seed busy all winter ...

We paint with a Cotton-Rod, Paul Klee way ...

  • How do we do ? Ask your child to draw a beautiful picture. Delineate the contours with a big black felt because it will not exceed! Dip the cotton swab in the paint and ask him to color by dabbing ... It is possible to more or less bring the points, to superimpose them to play on the values. Change Cotton Swabs for each color.
  • Where does this idea come from? In… I'm an artist !21 workshops to introduce your toddler to many techniques: paint on a paper plate, with a sponge, recycle old paper ... and at the same time make him discover Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Fernand Léger and many others very accessible painters for young children.
  • Ed. Palette ..., by Sandrine Andrews, 13.50 €. Where to find it?

We compose a still life, like Picasso

  • How do we do ?
  • Step 1 : Take out the pastels, the gray pencils, some magazines and daily newspapers.
  • 2nd step : Put some objects on the table or chair (a guitar, a book, a hat).
  • Step 3 : Your child observes this still life and tries to reproduce it with cut-out elements, mixed pencils ... Juan Gris way (Book, bottle and glass), Picasso (Violin) or Georges Braque (Violin and Pipe).
  • Where does this idea come from? In… The Grand Book of Activities of the Pompidou Center. On the left page, the artist's painting, on the right, a game, an activity that allows your child to observe the work, its technique, its details. The opportunity to discover Henri Matisse, Seraphine of Senlis, light Fernand ...
  • Ed. Gallimard Jeunesse, by Delphine Balreddine, 15 €. Where to find it?

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