A baby of ... 8.7 kilos at birth!

A baby of ... 8.7 kilos at birth!

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In Indonesia, a woman has just given birth to a baby of 8.7 kilos and 62 centimeters. A record! (News of 25/09/09)

  • In Indonesia, a 41-year-old woman has just given birth to a baby of ... 8.7 kilos and 62 centimeters, beating the previous record set in 2007, at 6.9 kilos! Imagine childbirth giving you cold sweats? The gynecologist in charge of the birth confirmed that it had not been a small matter: "the weight of this newborn made the caesarienne difficult".
  • A feat for the mother who is not at his first attempt. Indeed, his first three children are all born at about 4 kilos. So how to explain this phenomenon? Difficult to say because this Indonesian was not followed during her pregnancy, but doctors lean towards gestational diabetes, which would explain the weight of the baby.
  • The newborn is doing very well: "He's a really amazing baby, he shouts a lot louder than other babies and is always hungry," said the doctor.
  • In France, the biggest baby would be born in 1993 with a weight of 6.18 kilos.

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