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At birth, the feet are made mainly of cartilage and fat. They will take 21 years to completely ossify. In the meantime, they must support the weight of your little one. It is therefore important to offer good shoes ... at the right time. Our advices.

At the age of walking, how to find a shoe to his foot?

  • The acquisition of walking usually occurs between 9 and 18 months. To counterbalance his rather broad head, planted on a small chest, the budding walker moves his knees bent, legs apart and feet turned inward.
  • Observe it carefully. Does it have very strong feet, with a pronounced arch? If so, all shoes can suit him, high, low, laces or scratch. The situation is different if his little feet turn out to be lacking in tone. In this case, only one choice is necessary: ​​classic shoes with laces, with a sufficiently high stem, lateral buttresses and an internal arch.
  • Important detail: equip them with a non-slip sole for a smooth running.
  • The size of the shoe should be appreciated when the child is standing, the heel positioned against the bottom of the pedometer, and taking into account the thickness of the sock.

From 3 years, the foot is transformed. Which model of shoes is it better to choose?

  • This must be adapted to the morphology of the child's foot: wide or slender and small. For the same brand one model will fit and another not at all.
  • But whether it is high or low, the shoe must maintain the foot. For small feet, lacing is preferable. The sole must be slip-resistant and flexible, for a good adaptation of the not to the irregularities of the ground. The buttress and the side edges will be rigid enough to hold the foot without putting it in a yoke. If in doubt, ask the footwear or the doctor or pediatrician.

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