Your child 3-5 years

All this family, he gets lost!

All this family, he gets lost!

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Christmas Eve at your parents 'house, Christmas at your in-laws' house with the flock of cousins, uncles and aunts ... Will not your child be lost in the whirlwind of holidays? Case by case solution with Christine Brunet, psychologist.

He has trouble memorizing

  • Yes, his grandpa was a child and did something wrong. It's very reassuring for your child to know where he comes from and who he is. Enjoy family reunions to talk about his roots.
  • Make photo albums. More than the movies, which unfold too quickly, the photos allow to fix a memory, to go back. With them, your child discovers himself physically, creates his story. Name the different members of your family. Identify the people in their generation: grandmother, uncle ... Use the analogies of places, stories, so that your child understands the links that unite them. Refer to the holidays while remaining within reach.

On the day, he is impressed

  • Not sure that your child feels very comfortable among everyone. Be sure to respect his modesty and his emotion so that he can also enjoy the party.
  • Explain to him with simple words the course of the evening. Involve him in the preparations: decorate the house, the menus, arrange the treats. Rename the guests with him, repeating to yourself: "This is the chair for grandmother Louise." Tell her that her aunt will want to kiss her and find her similarities.
  • Be light and reassure: it was the same with you child. Do not be offended if he does not say hello, does not want to kiss, and takes refuge in your arms, or if he is disappointed with his gift and does not say thank you. If he believes in Santa, it's not easy to thank him. It's the holiday of free giving. Then associate it with your thanks.

After, he will love to talk about it again ...

  • Look together at the photos of this beautiful holiday. Enjoy the New Year, birthdays, to give news to people in the family he does not know well, send an email, a card ... Involve your child by asking what he would like to say. Suggest that you add a drawing, sign together.

Mom's words

"Remembering the names of uncles, aunts, cousins ​​has always been difficult for my second child, Eliott, who still struggles today at 11, so imagine when he was smaller! It's a child who has a little trouble concentrating at school ... To remember the names of Pokémon, however, there have never been any worries! everyday life, he needs a strong exchange with the person to remember her. " Véronique, mother of Eliott, 11 years old.

Agnès Barboux with Christine Brunet, psychologist, coauthor of Petits trouts and big worries from 1 to 7 years old, ed. Albin Michel.