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Has he taken enough breast?

Has he taken enough breast?

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What a joy to breastfeed your baby! Only here, the breast is neither transparent nor graduated. Impossible to measure the quantity of milk drunk by your toddler! The advice of our specialist, lactation consultant, to find out if your baby has taken enough breast.


He lost weight

  • Just after birth, this phenomenon is normal. Some little wolverines regain their birth weight on the 4th day. But others can take almost ten days to recover.

What has to be done :

  • Do not make a fixation on his weight. Okay, this is an objective criterion: your baby takes between 150 and 200 g per week the first month. But there are other indicators to ensure that it grows appropriately, including stool. If, during the first month, it has at least 4 golden yellow and lumpy stools and 5-6 pills per 24 hours, everything is fine!

He does not suck very well

  • For various reasons, feeding is not always effective! Do not crush your milk which is always nourishing, but learn together the art of feeding.

What has to be done :

  • Adopt a good position. To breastfeed your baby, it is important to find the technique. Sit up, elevate your legs to tilt your pelvis forward and protect your back. Relax your shoulders. Put your infant right in front of you, his little nose at the level of your nipple. It is he who comes to get it! When he sucks, his tongue is below the areola. With an undulatory movement, he brings in the milk. His lips are turned outward. You hear him swallowing.

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