Pregnancy follow-up: how many ultrasounds?

Pregnancy follow-up: how many ultrasounds?

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For your antenatal care, three ultrasounds are planned, if your pregnancy is going well. They help to make sure your baby is growing well. They are to be made on specific dates.

1 / The first ultrasound: around 12 weeks of amenorrhea

  • Long awaited because it most often marks the first encounter with your baby, this 1st ultrasound will offer you the joy of hearing the heartbeat.
  • Made during the 3rd month, it allows to date precisely the date of the beginning of your pregnancy as well as that planned for your delivery. It lasts about half an hour.
  • During this examination, the sonographer will check the number of embryos and take several very precise measurements: limb length, skull, neck thickness ... He will look for any abnormalities and malformations and check that the development of your baby is going well.
  • It is possible during this ultrasound to have indications on the sex of your baby. This will be confirmed at the next ultrasound.

2 / The second ultrasound: around 22 weeks of amenorrhea

  • Practiced during the 5th month of your pregnancy, this second ultrasound is designed to monitor that the growth and development of your baby continues well.
  • It is certainly the longest ultrasound of your pregnancy. It lasts about 1 hour. There are many things to check because your baby is now well trained, moves a lot. You can see it in full.
  • The sonographer will review the skeleton, size, weight, skull, organs of your baby, tracking any abnormalities and malformations. He will check the placenta to see if the exchanges between you and your baby are working properly.
  • It is also during this ultrasound that the sex of your baby you will be confirmed if you want to know it.

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