Sun care: 7 questions to the specialist

To protect yourself, it is important to be well informed. To be truly unbeatable on sunscreens, Dr. Catherine Braeken, dermatologist, answers your questions.

1. "If I use a low index and reapply every three-quarters of an hour rather than a stronger index, would I be protected as well?"

  • Dr. Catherine Braeken: "It's not a good idea because the index is determined by the type of skin and sun conditions, you can get sunburns very quickly and you have to apply a good amount of product. go spend your time on it, sunscreens are often fat and will nourish enough dry skin. "

2. "Do we catch a sunburn behind a window?"

  • Dr. C. B.: "The UVB, the main cause of sunburn, are stopped by the windows, but the UVA crosses them, so you are exposed to the sun as well as outside."

3. "I'm going to bathe, do I put sunscreen before or after?"

  • Dr. C. B.: "Before and after, preferably apply your cream 20 minutes before exposure, on dry skin, without forgetting the ears, neck, neck, back of the hands, toes, then a new application after swimming The filters are diluted with water and wiped by the towel. "

4. "Can I reuse my sunscreen from last year?"

  • Dr. C. B.: "The answer is no, because sun care contains few preservatives, but the filters change over time, and when they are opened, lugged with heat and filled with sand, the solar cells have lost their protective qualities." That's why you'll find a logo on the flasks that shows an open jar and it says the expiry date: 12 M for 12 months. "

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