Baby recipes: his first vegetables

Baby recipes: his first vegetables

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From 4 months, at the time of diversification, your baby will get to know his first vegetables. Our recipe ideas for this experience to be a success.

At the time of diversification, your baby v his first vegetables. With our recipes, make this experience a success ... and give it the taste of good vegetables for years to come.

Our baby recipes around vegetables

Velouté of peas with mint

Carrot-cumin puree

Pumpkin-sweet potato puree

Pumpkin-brown cream soup

Cream of endive

Pea mousse with ham

Cream of peas mimosa

Artichoke caviar

Cream of cauliflower with cumin

Green mashed rice-mâche

Vegetable soup

Cream Of Zucchini

Mousse of peas

Cream carrot-coconut milk

Tomato-tarragon semolina

Lamb with artichoke