Your child 3-5 years

What sport for my child?

He wants to play sports like the big guys? It's normal ! At 3 years old, your child is no longer a baby. It is natural that he too wants to do a little exercise. Swimming, dancing, riding ... what to propose?

Your child's body is still in training. No question of making him endure real physical effort. Some activities however are accessible to him. Thus, you will please your little sportsman, and these disciplines, adapted to the smallest will help him to develop his taste of the effort and the respect of the others. And what a great tool for relaxation!

Initiation to swimming

This summer, he loved swimming. Why not regularly offer him a session in the pool.

  • The benefitses. Evolving in the water helps develop your physical and motor skills. Even if, before 6 years old, your child can not swim perfectly, it is possible for him to take part in the adaptation sessions to the aquatic environment of the 3-5 years that propose the swimming pools.
  • With the little ones of his age (you stay on the edge), he will make small fun courses to feel comfortable in the water. The air of nothing, he will develop skills that, the day it will be large enough, will safely transform into seed champion.

Discovery of riding

  • The ride is good, but nothing beats a real animal. Half-hour pony riding sessions are organized in the equestrian centers for children from 3 years old. From 4 years, the session usually lasts an hour.
  • Profits. Once on the animal, your child learns to lead it in space by holding the reins: front, left, right. Your rider also discovers the equestrian world. Before and after the recovery, he is invited to take care of his pony: he grooms him, talks to him, caresses him and learns the essential rules of safety.

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