Corsican names: Petru, Chjara, Antone, Andrea, Batista, Felice ...

Corsican names: Petru, Chjara, Antone, Andrea, Batista, Felice ...

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Want a beautiful name for your baby? Think of those of the Island of Beauty! Originals, the Corsican names come from different cultures because many people have passed through this island in the course of history.

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  • Male first name.
  • From the Greek word "petros" which means small pebbles, Petru is the Corsican version of the name Pierre. Like many names in "u", it is popular on the island of Beauty.
  • This is the name of singer Petru Guelfucci, emblematic figure of the revival of Corsican polyphony.
  • His party : June 29, with St. Peter, faithful disciple of Jesus On the death of Christ, he became the first bishop of Rome where he died crucified, under Nero.
  • Its derivatives: Peter, Peter, Petar ...


  • Female first name.
  • Corsican form of the name Claire, Chjara is a popular name in Corsica.
  • His party : August 11 with St. Clare, counselor and friend of St. Francis of Assisi. She founded the order of the Poor Clares. It can also be celebrated on October 29 with St. Chiara, an Italian who dedicated her life to raising children and was beatified in 2010, very recently so.
  • Its derivatives: Chiara, Claire.

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