Name Hubertine - Meaning and origin

Name Hubertine - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Hubertine's feminine form, the name Hubertine comes from the Germanic terms "hug and berht" meaning respectively "intelligent and brilliant".


Hubertine Heijermans was a figurative painter, artist and engraver from Switzerland.
Hubertine Auclert was a French feminist activist in favor of the right of women to eligibility and the right to vote for women.
Passionate about hunting, Saint-Hubert is converted after the appearance of a deer carrying a cross between its woods. He later became the patron saint of the hunters. He converted many pagan peoples in the 8th century.

His character :

A true force of nature, Hubertine is turned towards life and the world. She is animated by a brilliant will that pushes her to always aim for the summit. Worker and perfectionist, she can show a strong tenacity. His curious mind as well as his desire to succeed are among his main assets. In addition, she enjoys cultivating herself and loses no opportunity to acquire new knowledge.


Huberte, Hubertie, Huberta, Huberdine and Hubertina.

His party :

People with the first name Hubertine are celebrated on the 3rd of November.

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