Moussa Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Moussa is a male given name of Arab origin. This is the equivalent of Moses of the Bible.

In the Arabic language, Moussa means "drawn from the waters". This name reflects the borrowing of Islamism from the biblical tradition. Aside from Moses, there are also characters like Abraham who have their place in the writings of the Qur'an. The name Moussa is also worn by Christians in the East.


French international footballer Moussa Sissoko, Senegalese international footballer Moussa N'Diaye, French basketball player Moussa Badiane, French actor Moussa Maaskri and Guinean military officer Moussa Dadis Camara.

His character :

Moussa has a strong personality and may have some difficulty accepting authority. Independent and independent from his early childhood, he is also sociable, charming and open. Direct and frank, he has a certain magnetism that he exercises with a touch of authority. Thoughtful while being courageous and combative, he knows how to seize the opportunities presented to him. Moussa likes to stay active. If there is a state that repels it, it is inactivity. He will invest in his schooling, which he sees as an important source of fulfillment.


Moses, Moshe and Mosheh.

His party :

Moussa and Moses celebrate jointly on September 4th.

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