Name Aïmen - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Unusual Aijmen may mean "right-handed" or "more blessed" in Arabic. It is etymologically linked to the first name Benjamin, translated as "sent of God".


Footballers Aymen Abdennour (of Tunisian origin), Aymen Belaïd (French-Tunisian) and Aymen Tahar (Algerian), Tunisian handball Aymen Toumi, French actor Aymen Saïdi and Tunisian poet and writer Aymen Hacen.

His character :

Aïmen is characterized by its integrity and strong will. It is especially these aspects of his personality that will be remembered. Independent, Aïmen is a rather reserved and shy person. He may not shine particularly at school, but his passion and creativity are destined for a great future in life. Although he is not strictly speaking unsociable, he still has a certain reserve when it comes to meeting new people. The few people Aïmen considers as friends are the best human beings he has met. Creative, he always finds new ideas and new concepts. As for his family, they will find in him a support and a coach.


Aymen, Aimen and Aymane.

His party :

There are no festivals known for the first name Aïmen.

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