Name Marine - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From the Latin marinus, which means "sailor".


The French politician Marine Le Pen, the French journalist Marine Jacquemin, the French footballer Marine Pervier, the French essayist Marine Rambach, the French actress Marine Delterme, the French actress Marine Barbosa, the French actress Marine Boiron, the historian French Navy Art Bosquillon-Ferreti, the French model Marine Vacth, the French gymnasts Marine Debauve and Marine Brevet.

The patron saint of sailors is Marina, the object of an ancient legend. Daughter of a notable of Asia Minor, she lost her mother at the age of 9 years. Mad with sorrow, his father decided to enter a convent for monks, but did not want to abandon his daughter. He had the idea of ​​disguising her as a boy and was admitted with her. Marina spent all her life in prayer and the deception was only discovered after her death.

His character :

Appreciated for her great sense of responsibility, Marine is thoughtful and serious in everything she does. Able to control her emotions, she rarely gives in under pressure. In search of balance, she knows the measure and always acts calmly.


Marina, Maryne, Maris, Marinne, Marni, Maryna and Marnie.

His party :

The Navy is in the spotlight on July 20th.

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