Name Hilarion - Meaning and origin

Name Hilarion - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Hilarion is a Latin name hilaris resulting in "happy" or "cheerful".


Metropolitan Hilarion, theologian and Russian Orthodox Bishop; Spanish composer and musicologist Miguel Hilarion Eslava.

The Hilarion are celebrated in tribute to Hilarion of Gaza, also known as Hilarion the Great. This disciple of St. Anthony joined him in the desert of the Thebaid to learn the life of a hermit. He then returned to Palestine to establish the monastic life there. He retired to Paphos and died there around 370.

His character :

Balanced in nature, Hilarion is distinguished by his intelligence, his will and his emotivity. Sociable and extrovert, he finds no difficulty in reaching out to others. Prudent, he is selective in his associates. With a strong personality, he is thus easily influenced and imposes by his mere presence. Persuasive, Hilarion easily manages to convince others to join his cause. Determined, he gives himself the time necessary to undertake and succeed his projects. A seasoned Challenger, he never resists challenges and looks forward to them. Failures only motivate him further. Reliable and serious, Hilarion is a man of his word. Although he is intuitive, he gives very little credit, preferring rather to trust his intelligence.

Spontaneous, Hilarion knows how to win people's hearts. He has a strong sense of friendship. Loyal, he shows great loyalty to his friends, who know that they can count on him. Curious by nature, Hilarion is interested in art, all forms of artistic expression and even the paranormal. He reads a lot and is cultivated as soon as the opportunity arises. He enjoys meetings and exchanges to enrich his knowledge, whether professional or personal.



His party :

The Hilarion are celebrated on October 21 in tribute to Hilarion of Gaza.

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